Tuesday, February 1, 2011

"Why the Gundam giant robot boss?"

We wanted to do a boss (preferably big) from the start, and it was up to me to draw whatever it would be. My first idea was something like Dr. Robotnik's mechs or robot pods from Sonic, but then I stumbled on an awesome boss sprite from Sonic Advance 3 with floating hands and no arms.

It really reminded me of classic bosses like Mega Man X's Sigma & Mega Man 3's Gamma (basically giant robots that take up the whole screen & are composed of floating fists & a head weak point). I asked the other guys what they thought of it, because I knew it would take a while to make, and they both vetoed it. So obviously I made it anyway.

To speed things up I lifted the Sonic Advance sprite's general design. It wasn't the scale I wanted, though, so I used it as reference to redraw the hands and spine. The barrel body is custom but pretty much the same shape. Once I came to the head, I asked the others what it should be like. Seb noted that this is essentially the Earth's "last line of defense" so it should be something big and heroic "like a Gundam or something." With less than a day left it was both easier and funnier to just directly rip off the iconic Gundam head without even explaining it in game, so I went and found a Gundam model photo for reference and made a really obvious Gundam head.

I made it pink just because I thought it'd be amusing. The addition of the pink-haired samurai girl in the corner, shouting orders Giant Robo-style, is actually a last-minute addition by James, but that all ties together really well. Seb also did an awesome job animating the boss -- it was his idea to have the spine snake around, and to position the boss behind one row of buildings for effect.

One thing I really wanted to do with the boss but never had the time or energy for was to make huge nuclear warheads pop out of the holes in its shoulders. They would fly out diagonally, off screen, then rain down on the player. (Shadows would tell the player how to avoid it, in classic game trope fashion.) Maybe for future versions?

Monday, January 31, 2011

Ask us anything about our game and/or Adrien Brody



Answers will be shown on this blog as wellllll

Sunday, January 30, 2011



Our game will be here. If it's not here yet then you are very fast or very impatient.

Right now the game is literally unbeatable - it works but it's not possible to successfully make it to the end, I think. WE'RE FIXING IT AS HARD AS WE CAN

Update! The game is, indeed, beatable now! (In fact I strongly urge you to make it to the end because I love the ending more than anything else about this game.) However, some computers are facing errors that don't allow them to launch the game. We're working really hard to fix this ASAP!

At least I think I did --- version fuckallyall13.exe should now work on all windows computers.
I might write a postmortem too but I need sleep
Please play our game and I hope you like it


What's next for Fuck All Y'all?
This game ended up accomplishing all the major things we wanted it to, and we're very proud of that. We really want to polish off the rough edges & minor glitches in order to release a sort of Director's Cut this week, such as including enemies and weapons that were practically 10 minutes away from making it into the game. After that, who knows? I'd like to promote the polished version around sites & communities for a bit. And the three of us are all pretty motivated to expand on the basis of this game.

I plan on writing a post-mortem here about my experience on this game jam (both from a designer's perspective and a collaborator's personal opinion), so this dev log will not be dead! So please, keep following! And a sincere thank you to everyone who's been reading along this past weekend. The statistics tell a surprisingly decent number of hits for such a dumb little project. It makes us really happy to share this absurd, fun work with everyone!

All my cards on the table

Here are my two main sprite worksheets.


video games

Video Gamesing 100%

fuck i didn't mean to save these as gifs whatever

game to be released within the next couple hours